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GLTF Fall Tennis Academy "Road to 4.5": Serving & Returning Techniques

  • 20 Oct 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • San Francisco State University
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Fall Tennis Academy - The "Road to 4.5": Serving & Returning Techniques

“The Road To 4.5” is designed for USTA rated 4.0 players, helping them add strategies and techniques that are used in 4.5 match play.  

What is it: 2-hour sessions with instructions and drills.  Sessions will focus on specific techniques and/or strategies to get you on your way to being a 4.5 level player. 

Perfect for: Current USTA 4.0 rated Men & Women

Instructor: Local pro Tim Connolly

Date & Times: Saturdays - October 20 from 10am – 12pm @ SF State

Cost:  Each session is $20 for new members (less than 6 months) and $25 for current members. 

Limit 8 people.  

Part 1: Slice-Serve to the Backhand, from outside

Why: standing out wide has us in the perfect defense to defend the return of serve.  But that might not be conducive for me serving to a backhand.  In this clinic, we learn how to do both.

This is a counter-strategy to the serve-and-volley strategy.

• review the toss, and how the toss will evolve to execute this serve strategy.

• review what the swing motion should look like in the swing zone to execute this precise serve strategy.

• work on being comfortable serving from a new spot on the baseline.

Part 2: Return and come into the net

Why: 4.5 doubles is about executing the 2-up format in about 90% of the points.  Each player needs be able to pull this off, not just your doubles partner.

This is also a counter strategy to the serve and volley strategy.

• how to use the serve as an approach shot

• how to use a modified swing / blocked shot

• how to volley after hitting a softer approach shot

For new members (less than 6 months), email for promotion code. 

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